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Mix Festival

Listen to "Mix Soundmap" on Spreaker.


We travelled to beautiful Cullompton to deliver radio Soundmap and jIngle workshops at The Mix Festival. We also travelled around the festival collecting interviews from participants and workshop leaders and made a feature as a wonderful record of the day



Key Aims

  • To collect evaluation material for the organisers
  • To share and celebrate the event
  • To develop communication and digital skills of workshop participants
  • Ro develop musical production skills through radio production



Devon Music Education Hub
Babcock International



“Before I thought radio was just something you put on in the car but when you’re doing this you see how much effort goes in to keep an audience listening and activated and interacting with you.”

“Before I though radio was boring and there were no pictures to it but now I know that so much work goes into making a tiny piece ands how much goes into it it’s been such an amazing experience to be part of.”

“I understand more about the radio now which makes me be able to interact with it more"

“It shows that you can do lots of things with the radio and it’s not just from made up sounds it’s actually from real life.”

“I do think that radio there’s a certain vibrancy to it that you just don’t get with TV. It’s so descriptive. Personally before I just thought radio was boring but really the binaural effects you can use are just in your everyday surroundings and I just think that’s so amazing.”

“It’s changed my view a lot as it’s more than just fake sounds ? you’re actually going and recording your own sounds.”
Mix Festival 2017

The feature was lovely ? a really nice reflection of the day and the impact of the kids statements is so improved when they are heard rather than read! Lovely stuff.
Mix festival, Devon Music Education Hub 2017