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two girls attend an ocean drop in radio making session

Listen to "The Radio Duo" on Spreaker.


This project is aimed at open access radio and music making sessions at Parkfield Youth Centre in Paignton. We have a huge demand for our sessions and this project is a great way for those interested in music making, DJing, jingle making and radio broadcasting to pop along and try it out for free. There is no cost and it is open to all ages, allowing it to be a real mixing pot of interests and hobbies which come to fruition on the radio. The project was initially aimed to run alongside the youth clubs at Parkfield, however it continues to bring in a large amount of young people who attend to produce their monthly shows and try out new skills.


Key Aims

  • To allow free access to digital music and radio making
  • To allow all young people from different background to collaborate through music and radio.
  • To continue to bring in young people to Parkfield Youth Centre.



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We have worked with Ocean Youth for many years, hosting their broadcast facility within our My Place building. The project is inspirational for those taking part and sharing their voices, their views, their humour and worries, and it is really important for others listening across the Bay, feeling that they are represented, hearing young voices and gaining a sense of value through this. The project works really well with vulnerable young people, it reaches into communities where children live, and it develops confidence and technical skills that lead to strong self esteem.
Gail Rogers, Principal Commisioner, Torbay Children's Services,2018