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Formerly Parkfield Xtreme Radio, Ocean Youth was born in 2012. It is a youth-led online radio station and brings young people across Torbay together to make music and radio, build friendships and develop a creative and engaging social action community. Ocean Youth supports Torbay's young people through helping them to share experiences through broadcasting content on topics such as anxiety, sexual abuse, bullying, addiction, and stress.

Ocean Youth's studio is currently based at Paignton Library however it's outreach programme, Radio Routes, travels to youth clubs across Torbay. Ocean Youth has broadcast at many community events including 4 FM broadcasts at Grinagog, The Ageing Well Festival and around Paignton Carnival. Since the station began we've had over 25000 listens on our online platform - Spreaker.We want to thank all of the organisations that have helped or committed to help young people in the bay create fun and interesting radio to improve the landscape for everyone.?Get involved - tune in - and take part in radio for the youth community of Torbay!




Issue 1, Summer 2020 Newsleter available here [pdf]



Key Aims

  • To connect young people across Torbay
  • To improve health and well-being of Torbay's young people
  • To develop young people's aspirations and skills
  • To increase awareness of events and support for young people
  • To develop intergenerational understanding in Torbay




Big Lottery
Torbay Council
iwill Social Action Fund
Sanctuary Housing
BBC Children In Need



Libraries Unlimited
Torbay Council
The Edge
The Acorn Centre
Youth Genesis
Torbay Youth Trust


the clothworkers foundationtorbay libraries




“I feel a lot more confident to talk to people generally ? it’s easier to know the songs and all that and I get on well with people a lot easier. If you compare me from my first FM show to now I sounded a bit like a robot back then now it’s more natural. When I first started listening to myself back it used to be horrible, it just sounded so wrong. Now it sounds fine it sounds perfect and I feel good about myself and everybody helps me and all that. Love it. Nothing better could be doing right now. JJ, Parkfield 2017

“I’ve never felt so proud to be part of something so big. I’ve never felt so happy. We’ve come far from shy little girls to confident ladies ?we used to be right little chickens”
Emily, Parkfield 2016

"Radio has made me unbelievably comfortable and positive about myself. Radio has allowed me to take the responsibility of presenting a show and present how I feel about issues and stuff that effects me, all while giving me the freedom to express my personality. It's even helped create a career path for me as I'm constantly being given opportunities that help me learn about possible career routes and the skills needed for them."
Chloe, Parkfield 2016

"Radio has definitely allowed me to be more connected with other young people in Torbay. I've been involved in so many events that not only allows me to socialise with my peers but also allows us to share out skills and experiences. Events like this include our involvement with The Social Action Project and our radio drama 'LIFT'. Simply from being involved in these events I've become so much more interested in sharing the skills I've learned through radio with other YP. But also just talking to such a different range of people I've found it fascinating to learn and communicate with them."
Chloe, Parkfield 2016

"We really like doing radio, and sometimes it's really hard for people to join in when they're really scared of doing it. We wouldn't really speak into the mic and we got really shy.
Well we feel more confident because Ricardo has been teaching us different skills throughout the whole year. He's in charge of the radio room and he helps us set all the mics and equipment up. I would still be shy now if Ricardo didn't teach me all of that.
Ricardo loves the radio and he does it all for us and sometimes it's really fun when you come here but the radio has got something wrong with it and its fun when Ricardo's just downstairs with us, having a laugh, having fun."

"I like doing radio and I've come very far, because when I first started doing it I was very shy, and now I'm not shy."
Parkfield, 2017


"We believe that the anonymity of radio allows vulnerable pupils (often with low self esteem) an opportunity to communicate with others, find their voice and develop greater confidence.?Our children have developed a range of skills including: creativity, problem solving, communication, responsibility, resilience, time management and leadership. They have also developed more positive relationships with their peers and other adults. All these skills are transferable to the classroom and their communities outside of school.
Assistant Headteacher, Carolyn Bavister, Oldway Teaching School. 2016

"Hello Kate, Many thanks for your time this evening, 'DJ Charlie J' really enjoyed the experience as did the rest of us ? I think it showed!! We all love being part of such fun things ? you are providing a fantastic service for which we must find funding!"
Parent, Parkfield 2015. Email.