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RadioAhead targeted 20 ten year olds from four primary schools local to Paignton Library's Ocean Youth studio with an interest in or talent for creative media production. We gave them a highly stimulating, creative radio broadcasting experience as part of Ocean Youth Radio. They worked with student peer mentors and our staff to teach them how to: make jingles, interview, present live, produce features and share their work through social media. The young people broadcast live on an FM license as part of the Grinagog festival and then came back once a month to broadcast a live show online at Ocean Youth. It is a testament to their commitment that 75% of the young people are still broadcasting once a month and have become valuable members of the radio station.



Ahead of the challenging transition into secondary school RadioAhead aimed to develop the students:

  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Connectedness to other young people



Shiphay Primary School, Curledge Street Academy, Roselands Primary and Oldway Primary School, Torbay Libraries




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"Thanks to radio I'm so much more confident and much happier. I used to hide myself away but now I'm not afraid to speak.  I speak in class and have made loads of new friends and that's thanks to Ocean Youth and all the opportunities it's given me."
Rohan, May 2018 on air unprompted

“It makes you think more about everything that’s happening around you. Like the news, it’s making you instead of ‘oh, it’s not happening here’; it makes you think what effect it’s having on people and things.” Finn, Speak Up. 2012


“My son is a different boy since working with Ocean Youth and his confidence is growing all the time.

“Can I live here?” Alexia, 2017


“My son is a different boy since working with Ocean Youth and his confidence is growing all the time.”

We have been so grateful that our daughter has been given this wonderful opportunity to get involved with Ocean Youth. Her confidence has grown enormously and we have seen such a lift in her self-esteem. She is has learnt so many skills through her experience. Not only radio presenting skills, but social skills such as listening and working as part of a team. Huge thank you to all the fantastic team at Ocean Youth. "