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Radio Routes

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Radio Routes is Ocean Youth's outreach programme and has been running since 2014. We travel to a growing number of youth groups (currently ten) across Torbay and make radio and music with young people in their own settings. This project has enabled young people across Torbay to listen to each other about topics in their area, have fun, voice their opinions and explore their creativity.




To allow young people across the Bay to listen to each other by creating radio from their different geographical areas.

  • To allow young people to discuss what is important to them in their local area.
  • For young people to engage in radio and music making activities in the comfort of their own environment
  • to connect young people
  • to raise confidence, skills and aspirations




PHAB Juniors
Brixham EGDE
The Acorn Centre
Totally Teenagers
Youth Genesis
Children in Care
Parkfield Youth Centre

Torbay Council




the clothworkers foundation



“I liked asking the questions and getting answers from people I didn’t really know and I felt a bit braver.”
Foxhole, Radio Routes 2016


“Doing this radio broadcast made me feel more confident because it feels like you’re not really talking to an audience but more like you’re talking to yourself”
Totally Teenagers, Radio Routes 2016

“It think it was pretty entertaining cos I don’t really get a chance to do things like this and it was the first time I’ve ever been live on the radio. I would defo do it again.”
The Edge, Radio Routes 2017

“It was great such a good experience.. It was so fun cos I was sat there with my friends in such a good environment doing such fun and cool stuff to be honest I thought it would be really formal and really like everything had to be done by this and it wasn’t it was really lax and it was really cool cos we just had fun with it and did what we wanted really and I’m definitely coming back cos this was great.”
Oliver, Youth Genesis, Radio Routes, 2017

“The recording went really well and the fact that they could hear themselves and it was going out on the radio you could see their self esteem really going up. What was really great and powerful was the fact that after they’ve listened to themselves and everybody had listened to each other we’ve given each other claps and you could see how much that meant to them.”
June, Community Leader, PHAB Radio Routes, 2015

It’s totally inspirational to see the work you’re doing with YP and the positive impact its having on their lives.”
Mark, Primary Teacher at The Grove. 2016

"YP with speech challenges enabled to take part – they lit up, it was wonderful." It would be good if they had more funding to provide more sessions because it was so good but we do not really have the funds to do this. The sessions enabled, filled the YP with confidence and some still go on the website and listen to themselves nearly 12 months after the 1st broadcasts. It allowed me to see them achieve something I have not seen before. I could see them gain confidence, take part and grow.”
Community Leader,
PHAB, Radio Routes 2015