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The Foyer

Listen to "Masood DJ Mix Live from the Foyer" on Spreaker.


Sound Communities worked with the Foyer Torbay, to deliver a series of workshops focusing on music production, DJing, songwriting and radio broadcasting with the residents there. The Foyer provides supported accommodation and learning opportunities to young people aged between 16-25. Sound Communities initially refitted a studio space there to allow access for residents that took part in the training program. During the sessions we worked with asylum seekers, NEETs and those who were prone to risk-taking behaviours. Attendees created their own DJ mixes, their own rap songs and a radio show with interviews.




  • to refit a studio space at the Foyer with digital music making equipment
  • to work with vulnerable young people in a positive manner through music and radio production
  • to improve and assist using English language for asylum seekers in radio shows.



Torbay Foyer