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Connecting, Engaging & Inspiring through Radio and Music Production

What We Do

We develop bespoke radio packages including "pop-up" broadcasts, project-based learning, work-based learning opportunities, consultancy and evaluation. We are pioneering in our use of digital technologies. Our services help organisations to engage, consult, evaluate and evidence the impact of working with communities in an innovative and rich way.


Our work is participatory, creative and accessible to all.


We can offer you:

'Pop Up' LIVE Radio Broadcast

This package can include additional elements such as: shareable feature; workshops; speaker

Bespoke Project Based Learning
Programmes of production activities which can include a radio broadcast that works in response to the local community and context

Work-Based Learning Opportunities
Training packages as part of team-building, leadership development and Inset.

Consultancy and Evaluation Services
We can use Ocean Asks? for youth consultancy or our Sound Communities platform for all other audiences.



“I have witnessed how this work has developed confidence in those young people who do not know how to express themselves, or do not believe that their voice is going to be heard when they speak out. has raised the aspirations and self esteem of many young people and kept them engaged where many other activities and media have failed.” Gail Rogers, Principal Commissioner, Children and Families, Torbay, 2015


“My son is a different boy since working with Ocean Youth and his confidence is growing all the time.” Parent of 15 year old boy.