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Case Studies

Read the stories of some of the most inspirational young people we've worked with...

We’ve engaged thousands of young people over the last 9 years. Here are the stories of some of our most inspirational participants:

Case Study: Jack

“Having more responsibility for Ocean Youth over lockdown has also made me feel much more confident"

Jack co-designed the station from the outset and has been a vital member of the station ever since. Jack is now employed by us full time and is Station Manager.

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Case Study: Gabe

"Ocean Youth has given me a reason to get up and have something to look forward to.”

Gabe was referred to us through Torbay Integrated Youth Support Services, as at 15 years old he was not in mainstream education due to issues around mental health.

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Case Study: Chloe

“Radio has allowed me to take the responsibility of presenting a show and present how I feel about issues and stuff that affects me, all while giving me the freedom to express my personality"

Chloe came to us as part of a radio project with Soundart Radio. Chloe embraced the opportunities we gave her and her talent, commitment and resourcefulness drove Ocean Youth forwards at it’s crucial inception stage.

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Case Study: Ricardo

“To believe in myself and what I can do. I can actually do it and you can do whatever you want to do”

We met Ricardo during an outreach workshop at Oldway Primary School in 2011. Ricardo immediately took to radio production and took a leading role in the development of Ocean Youth Radio ever since.

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Case Study: Charlie

‘Before I started Ocean Youth, I wouldn’t really talk to many people, it has helped me cope better with my social anxiety and made me more confident'

Charlie came to us through a session with the Medical Tuition Service. He was lacking in confidence and just immediately loved broadcasting and has become one of our most talented producers and most effective workshop leaders.

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Case Study: Lexi

"The things I learn are real life skills which will benefit me as I grow older. I hope I too could become a mentor to help the next generation of Ocean Youth Radio stars!"

Lexi came to us in 2017 and has been an incredibly creative and committed producer ever since. She is a natural on the mic and has won the national Rising Talent Young Audio Award 2018.

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