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Case Study : Xie

"After a while of actually being here I’ve realised there are so many opportunities that this has given me. I have so many new aspirations.”

Xie came to us in 2017 and was a very confident and promising broadcaster from the start. Xie’s transition to secondary School has been challenging and Xie’s confidence has decreased as they have found the social and academic pressures of secondary school difficult at times. Ocean Youth has provided Xie with a stable, supportive and creative community throughout this time.

Xie has gone above and beyond, producing extremely powerful pieces about moving up to secondary school for our “Step Up” podcasts and about the loneliness of the process of questioning one’s gender in our “Soundlife” podcasts. Xie has also totally independently produced her own original songs, one of which was featured on “Soundlife” which was played out on 26 community stations across the UK. 

“Ocean youth has helped me a lot with my confidence and helped me be able to express myself more freely and openly. It made me feel like I belonged to something and made me feel like I was part of a team. It’s helped a lot with my mental wellbeing and made me motivated to get on with my day - it helped make me feel that I could express my emotions.”

Xie, 2021

"My teenager has been so pleased to have Ocean Youth throughout the last year, with so much uncertainty in their life having Ocean Youth literally gave them something to get up for, giving them the feeling of purpose. Planning and producing shows gave some structure to their day and something to look forward to. They have made new friends and built their confidence where it had deteriorated over times of lockdown. Talking openly about their feeling and emotions has also helped. This hopefully helped others who are feeling the same to express how they are feeling. They have learnt new skill and even wrote and recorded some songs."

Xie's Mother

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