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Case Study : Chloe

“Radio has allowed me to take the responsibility of presenting a show and present how I feel about issues and stuff that affects me, all while giving me the freedom to express my personality"

Chloe came to us as part of a radio project with Soundart Radio. Chloe embraced the opportunities we gave her and her talent, commitment and resourcefulness drove Ocean Youth forwards at it’s crucial inception stage.

Chloe became a formative member of the core Ocean Youth team developing a show and a team to deliver one for the most popular regular weekly online shows at the station. She thrived at Ocean Youth, seeing the opportunity to develop her skills, confidence and make a difference to the cultural landscape for Torbay for young people.  

Chloe earned a Bronze Arts Award and is now studying Media at Cardiff University. 

"Radio has definitely allowed me to be more connected with other young people in Torbay. I've been involved in so many events that not only allows me to socialise with my peers but also allows us to share out skills and experiences. Events like this include our involvement with The Social Action Project and our radio drama 'LIFT'. Simply from being involved in these events i've become so much more interested in sharing the skills i've learned through radio with other young people. But also just talking to such a different range of people i've found it fascinating to learn and communicate with them.”


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