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Case Study : Gabe

"Ocean Youth has given me a reason to get up and have something to look forward to.”

Gabe was referred to us through Torbay Integrated Youth Support Services, as at 15 years old he was not in mainstream education due to issues around mental health.

Gabe already had a passion for music production and DJing, but had never taken part in any learning or projects that allowed him to expand his skills. Over the 6 week project, Gabe turned up to all sessions and assisted with setting up the equipment, learning new skills and taking his passion away with him to work from home and bring it to us the following week. Gabe began to regularly produce podcasts called ‘Gabe Selects…’, focusing on his love for electronic music and showcasing his productions. This helped improve his confidence and in turn led him to believe that he could follow his passion in education, by starting a full time post 16 course in digital music production. 

Gabe continues to contribute to Sound Communities and is now a paid member of staff who assists in teaching other young people and being a peer mentor in DJing and music production. He also takes part in DJing at our live events in front of large crowds.

"The team are really supportive and have helped me with a lot of things including getting me into music college. It's a great place to go to meet new people, have fun and learn new skills. I have really felt part of the team. They have been really encouraging which has helped me pursue music, giving me advice and supportive feedback. Overall I think Ocean Youth is a great project and would recommend this to anyone as it has really helped me."

Gabe, 2019

"My son was always confident, sociable and happy at school until he started struggling with physical health problems and anxiety which he developed a few years ago following a very stressful time for us as a family. As a result he found it harder and harder to attend School and socialise. His education worker encouraged him to go along to Ocean Youth. He gave this a go and has been attending regularly for the past 6

months. The team have given him so much positive feedback and support and this has really helped him increase his confidence and start believing in his dreams again. He has been eager to get involved and share his ideas which has helped him feel valued and part of the team. He is now attending music college full time and is keen to still volunteer or perhaps even work for Ocean Youth in the future. I am incredibly grateful to the team for providing this wonderful opportunity for him."

Gabe's Mum, 2019

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