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Case Study : Jack

“Having more responsibility for Ocean Youth over lockdown has also made me feel much more confident"

Jack co-designed the station from the outset and has been a vital member of the station ever since. Jack is now employed by us full time and is Station Manager.

We first met Jack whilst he was attending Parkfield youth centre in 2014 (then 10 yrs old) when we set up Parkfield Xtreme Radio which is now Ocean Youth. He took part in the co-design process and has been a vital member of the station since then. Jack is now employed by us full time and is Station Manager. Jack manages our social media promotion, shows, designed and updates the station’s website, supports and leads workshops, produces shows and podcasts and creates posts for social media. He also works for Imagine This through Sound Communities, supporting their communications with young people. Jack is a key member of our staff and much of the success of the station is down to his hard work, commitment and talent. 

"Over lockdown working for Sound Communities has helped me to feel less lonely and more connected, it has helped me to keep having a routine and feel productive with my time. Having nothing to do had a negative impact on my mental health and was of course very boring and it felt like I was wasting all of my time. Once I started doing more work for Ocean Youth it really helped me to feel like I had a purpose. I also enjoyed helping others to feel more connected by doing locked on in lockdown so the young people could keep doing their shows from home. Getting up each day and talking to others about work and getting involved in meetings also helped me to feel a lot less lonely, going to the studio once a week made a nice change in my routine which really helped me to stay motivated."

Jack, 2021

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