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Case Study : Lexi

"The things I learn are real life skills which will benefit me as I grow older. I hope I too could become a mentor to help the next generation of Ocean Youth Radio stars!"

Lexi came to us in 2017 and has been an incredibly creative and committed producer ever since. She is a natural on the mic and has won the national Rising Talent Young Audio Award 2018.

Lexi has a regular slot on the national DAB station, Fun Kids Radio, has contributed superb content to our Step Up pieces also broadcast on Fun Kids Radio and our Soundlife podcasts recently broadcast on community stations across the UK. 

Lexi has found social situations challenging at times and has struggled with friendship groups especially in the transition up to secondary school. Ocean Youth has really helped her with her confidence and self-esteem and given her a safe and inclusive community to support her. 

My 10 year old daughter has been a member of Ocean Youth Radio for a 3 years now and what a 3 years it’s been! She had been having a difficult time at school, suffering some bullying some alienation when a new friend she met out of Sound school invited her to come to an Ocean Youth session.

Everyone was so welcoming and within half an hour she took part in her first podcast, finding a confidence she didn’t know she had. From then she has attended regularly also involving herself in fundraising and community activities and workshops with Ocean Youth. She had the opportunity to enter a competition which she won a prize which has led to her presenting her own weekly 3 minute show on national radio. She achieved this through the strong knowledgeable mentorship she received from the moment she arrived, and the technical and financial support of Sound Communities and the vision and sheer big heartedness of all concerned at Sound Communities who’s drive to make Torbay better for young people through community radio has changed my little girl’s life. She no longer cares about the bullies and the teasers. She has found a new exciting friendship in Ocean Youth. The beautiful new premises will connect Ocean Youth with the local community much more directly than before and attract more young people to discover the skills and craft and fun of making audio. More specifically Alexis would have greater access to the studio for her weekly recordings as we currently have to work around the library opening times. The new Ocean Youth premises right at the head of historic Winner Street shines a new light of hope for Paignton, Torbay, and beyond!

Lexi's Dad. 2018

“I love making radio because it stretches my confidence and gives me a chance to spread a funny story or tell a joke. At Ocean Youth Radio the kind and friendly mentors give us the opportunity to learn new skills such as editing our interviews and podcasts, learning how to set up the equipment for our live Saturday morning radio session and developing my confidence when interviewing people of interest at local events and around town. One of things I love is working with the new friends I’ve made at Ocean Youth Radio. Our Saturday morning live show is a mix of fun quizzes, jokes, silly debates and improvised sketches and interviews. It’s lots of fun!"


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