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Case Studies : Page 2

Case Study: Lexi

"The things I learn are real life skills which will benefit me as I grow older. I hope I too could become a mentor to help the next generation of Ocean Youth Radio stars!"

Lexi came to us in 2017 and has been an incredibly creative and committed producer ever since. She is a natural on the mic and has won the national Rising Talent Young Audio Award 2018.

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Case Study: JJ

JJ has issues concentrating for substantial periods of time and has low confidence

JJ was spotted looking through the studio window during the FM broadcast (2015) and one of our staff invited him to take part in the broadcasts. JJ has issues concentrating for substantial periods of time and has low confidence.

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Case Study: Liam

“For me it's a release. If I get stuck on something and can’t get it off my mind I’ll write it down and it's a way to get my voice heard.”

Liam experienced difficulties at school. When his mum died in January 2017 he turned to drugs, fell out with his dad and became homeless. He is now leading opportunities for other young people facing complex challenges and has even started his own label, Oceanside Records, with our support.

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Case Study: Kaydon

"When I write music mentally it helps me, like spiritually mentally emotionally it helps me"

Kaydon has struggled academically throughout secondary school and in his local town was known as a gang leader. Although he always had an interest in rap music it wasn’t until he was about 13 that he started to realise writing lyrics were giving him a way to work though some of his feelings.

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Case Study: Xie

"After a while of actually being here I’ve realised there are so many opportunities that this has given me. I have so many new aspirations.”

Xie came to us in 2017 and was a very confident and promising broadcaster from the start. Xie’s transition to secondary School has been challenging and Xie’s confidence has decreased as they have found the social and academic pressures of secondary school difficult at times. Ocean Youth has provided Xie with a stable, supportive and creative community throughout this time.

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