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Case Study : Tjay

"Ocean Youth has helped build my confidence, to express myself more. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys."

When we first met Tjay in 2021, aged 10, he was registered as a student requiring education other than at school (EOTAS) and had already been to multiple specialist provisions who had struggled to meet the needs of his FASD diagnosis. We started working with him at this point as part of his bespoke programme of learning and he has been attending Sound Communities as part of his education package since then.

With a curriculum based firmly around his interests and young aspirations as stated in his EHCP to become a DJ and presenter on the radio, he has flown, achieving an impressive 13 AQA Unit Awards with us and enrolling on a Level 1 RSL Extended Certificate in Creative Music Industry.

In April 2022, along with the team of Ocean Youth Radio regulars, Tjay pulled off the amazing feat of hosting a 24-hour radio broadcast to raise money for children in Ukraine. He came up with the idea of 24 hours of continuous music, competitions, jokes, quizzes, guest DJs and special interviews with Torbay MPs and councillors to be video live streamed throughout raising over £2,000.

By tailoring his education around his interests and aspirations, Tjay has been able to not only develop his skills but also turn his passion into a successful business venture and now, at the age of 14, he runs his own mobile ‘TJ the DJ’ service across the Bay complete with website, branding, merch and his own real earning power. He also has his own music production name: Fire Flo – one to watch in the future!  


Tjay accesses our other strands as well, contributing to the core teams for Ocean Youth and Ocean Digital as well as volunteering to support the Saturday radio shows. He has gone on to present on other Devon radio stations and is often brought in to help stage manage local events; his popularity and community involvement highlighting his entrepreneurial spirit and determination.

 Alongside his academic development, through the use of a trauma informed approach by the staff team, Tjay has developed a wealth of emotional regulation and social anxiety management skills crucial for his overall wellbeing and success. Nurturing him, celebrating his enthusiasm, allowing him to take ownership of projects and holding a safe space for him to learn to socialise within, have all seen him flourish into the confident teenager with the bright future he is today.

His story is a testament to the importance of following a passion and the transformative power of personalised education, unconditional acceptance and support. As he continues to pursue his dreams, he serves as an inspiration to others who aspire to turn their hobbies into careers and passions into reality.

‘At Sound Communities he’s a valued contributor to everything he’s part of, he’s completely understood, everything is tailored and one-to-one, he’s achieving for the first time in his entire life ... he’s just flying, and incredible, and I never thought this would be possible for him. They make him feel like he’s valued and that his contributions are important. They give him opportunities that we never thought would be possible, he’s performed at Paignton Festival twice, he’s about to organise a variety night...’

Tjay's mum, 2023

‘I really wanted to do something to help the children stuck in the war in the Ukraine. I had to pour a cup of water over myself every hour to stay awake! My mum stayed up all night to listen to it too!’
‘Being an Ocean Youth Presenter feels like you’re valued and respected. It’s fun to let your feelings out on the radio and be around lovely people. Ocean Youth has helped build my confidence, to express myself more. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.’

Tjay, 2023