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OceanSide Records

OceanSide Records is a Rap/Hip-Hop record label developed by our young people.

Our young producers write, produce and perform their own music with lyrics based upon their upbringing in Torbay. Their music tackles issues such as mental health, lack of opportunities, childhood trauma and their take on the challenges which they face. Oceanside Records creates a platform for our young people to share, promote and celebrate their music.

Oceanside’s “Welcome To Torbay” track won Best Music Video at the national Youth Music Awards 2022.

The label is driven and led by the participants and includes the creation of music videos and social media posts to promote their content. Young people start their journey within the label by learning recording techniques and production skills, typically recording at our recording studios on Winner Street. They have achieved great success including the release of “Welcome to Torbay”, a song/music video focusing on how their voices aren’t heard enough within the area. The song has gone viral with over 36, 000 plays on Youtube and Spotify.


Oceanside Records website 


  • Use music to promote youth voice
  • Develop young people's creativity
  • Create a culture that inspires other young people across the Bay
  • Work with the most marginalised young people in the area in a medium that they are invested in
  • Develop audiences and income from our young people's music

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