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Stolen Seagull Scavenger Hunt

Listen to these amazing sea shanties produced by Torbay's primary school students with funding from The Princess Theatre and with Moor to Sea and We Need Music CIC.

By Ocean Moonlight


Performed by Year 5 children from Oldway Primary School and We Need Music CIC

Out Of The Bay


Performed by Year 6 children from Curledge Street Academy and We Need Music CIC

Steady As You Go


Performed by Year 5 children from Marldon Primary School and We Need Music CIC

Sandy Toes


Performed by Year 2 children from Roselands Primary School and We Need Music CIC

X Marks The Spot


Performed by Reception children from Hayes Primary School and We Need Music CIC

Haul the Ropes

The words are based on an idea from the local Plymouth sea shanty: Role the Ole Chariot. In all of the different primaries, children added and changed the words to reflect things they thought were important, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. There is a selection that have evolved in this performance by Eden Park, who also created a soundscape backing and conducted the young musicians to follow the contours of the waves they were imagining.

I'll Sail This Boat

Written by Year 9 Music students at Spires College and performed by Illsham Primary. It was inspired by the ideas of a journey from Furzeham, and Illshams idea “kind calling out” adds the other words. The students at Spires had an idea that they wanted to recruit a new pirate crew who went on adventures to do good things, create positive changes, in contrast to typical pirate deeds.

No Place to Hide

The ideas were a response by Brixham College Year 10 music students to the brief and ideas of under the sea from Shiphay, Illsham and for a rap from The Priory. The Brixham College students wanted to write about something that was important to them, about sea pollution, and the importance of the health of our oceans. The piece was created digitally by Brixham College students, with the lead vocals performed by Brixham College student, Lilly. The rap was performed and recorded by a group from The Priory Primary and digitally added to the track by Brixham College students, who also worked on the structure, mixing and effects and post-production.

Ocean Blue

Year 9 music students at Spires college. The ideas were inspired by the sea/journey theme from Illsham, Furzeham and Shiphay, being separated by the ocean from someone important.

Set to Sea

Furzeham and Shiphay

Written by Brixham College Students, performed by Furzeham and Shiphay, with additional words from Illsham primary.
A version of some of the words came from The Priory, with food ideas from Illsham, the ideas formed into a song by Brixham college students, and then performed and recorded by Furzeham. Brixham students wanted to contrast two ideas of the sea – as a happy place that children can go to visit and be carefree, and the other piece (No Place to Hide) which is about what is happening underneath the surface.

The End is Near


Written and performed by Year 9 Music students at Spires College. inspired by the mermaid story from Shiphay, where a little girl is playing by the shore as is drawn into an adventure where she releases a trapped mermaid from a curse under the sea.
The Spires students took ideas about mermaids, sirens, being lured away and created an initial response, which changed and evolved to something quite different for the end result.

Seagulls Blues


Instrumental players and not vocalists, Spires students would tell the story through the music alone.