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Copy of The Team

Meet the team that make the magic happen here at Sound Communities!

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Mike Cook

Director Mike is an extremely experienced practitioner working with young people around engagement in music production, song writing, DJing, music technology and radio production.

Kate Rudman

Before co-founding Sound Communities in 2012, Director Kate managed the learning programme for the digital arts education hub, Preston Manor City Learning Centre.

Mitch Knight

Mitch, an experienced music and DJ workshop leader and fellow of Devon School for Entrepreneurs, is a silent Director of Sound Communities.

Mark Brudanell

Mark, our Schools and Community Lead, is a qualified primary school teacher with 25 years’ experience at the coalface of creativity that is a primary school classroom.

Ellen Jones

Operations Manager as of September 2021, Ellen is a qualified English teacher with an eye for accuracy who ensures the efficient and effective internal operations.

Jack Thompson

Jack started with Sound Communities when he was just 11 years old. Now 18, he’s employed full time by us as the Station Manager and IT support and a key member of the team delivering workshops and interventions with young people.

Tom Broadway

Tom is our Employability and Pathways Coordinator who came to us through the Rank Foundation’s Time to Shine leadership programme. As music graduate, lead singer and front man of his band and former youth worker,

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