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Loneliness at Torquay Foyer

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We worked with the Torbay Community Development Trust to develop co-design approaches which we then embedded into the sessions with the young people at The Foyer Torquay (sheltered accommodation) . A core group engaged in 6 targeted sessions which focused on exploring youth loneliness and using creative methods such as music and radio to explore their feelings around the topic. These sessions involved music production, lyric writing, rapping, DJing, interviews, filming and vox pops. 

The group then planned three open access sessions which was open to the wider community of young people to attend. These sessions were aimed at combatting loneliness and using the space at The Foyer to bring young people together with a social element. The group decided that the three events they would run would be an open mic night, a gaming night and an interactive podcast. All of these sessions were very successful and had a variety of impact on the young people who attended. It was a fantastic opportunity for those to build confidence, share their creative work and make new relationships. 

Key Aims

  • To develop social action approaches for young people around reducing loneliness
  • To develop expertise in co-design
  • To support young people in the Foyer with confidence-building activities
  • To develop the community at The Foyer


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