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Live at LocalMotion

Bowlzy performed his song about what it's like living in Torbay as a young person at a recent LocalMotion event in Torquay


Our Oceanside artist and workshop practitioner, Liam (AKA Bowlzy) was commissioned by LocalMotion Torbay to write a rap about life in Torbay through the eyes of a young person.
Liam wanted to focus on the positives of the area, but also the fact that deprivation was still a strong factor for lots of families in the area.

Liam performed the song at the LocalMotion ‘Action Change’ event at Torquay Central Church in front of around 200 young people and families. The purpose of the event was to be creative, have fun, and identify things people care about. It was an opportunity for all ages to be heard and involved in exploring issues that came up.

Liam said “It felt exhilarating and wonderful to have the opportunity to express my feelings about Torbay in a way that was relatable to other young people in Torbay. Writing the lyrics came easily to me because I felt so passionate about what I wanted to say and the truth about our area and the need for positive change”.

LocalMotion is working on creating positive change in Torbay. The aim is to address the current issues in Torbay which affect children, young people and families.

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