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Case Study : Ben

"Sound Communities definitely changed me – but I was definitely on the road to changing myself, too"

We first met Ben (aged 11) through some sessions we delivered at Brunel academy, a special school.  where all students have an EHCP in relation to their SEMH needs. Ben felt as though his specific needs weren’t well understood or supported in his previous school, saying “Teachers didn’t understand me as a pupil, and I couldn’t cope with the other kids there.” 

During our sessions with Ben he has expanded his skills in a variety of creative areas; writing and performing songs, learning studio recording expertise, producing radio shows and working to create a wealth of digital and social media content, including his own photography. Ben has earned AQA unit awards in radio, DJing, photography and fundraising. 

Ben has shown such dedication and commitment to Sound Communities that he has become a valuable member of the team and is now on our payroll. He is supporting other young people during sessions, creating media content and even helping with digital solutions. His skills are being used during his time at Brunel Academy too as he has made them a new website for their students. graduated to helping out with other of Sound Communities sessions. For example, Ben voluntarily helps run the Saturday Ocean Youth radio station; assisting with tech setup, promoting via social media and then editing the recordings. Ben also helped organise a 24hr radio show in aid of UNICEFs work in Ukraine, raising over £2000 providing direct support to young people in Ukraine.  

“Sound Communities definitely changed me – but I was definitely on the road to changing myself, too. I always get called creative but guess I never really stopped to think about it.”

Ben, 2022

“One of the major things that has helped Ben with not only his behaviour, but also his ambition and aspiration, is his participation with Sound Communities.”

Brunel Teacher, 2022

“As a mum of a 14 year-old boy who hasn’t had a very easy ride through the educational system; Sound communities has allowed me to have faith in another system that he seemed to have got lost in through school. It is run by a very exceptional dedicated group of staff, in a safe environment, that has enabled him to focus on various subjects he would have found difficult to follow through school and has given him a voice to communicate a better language with the outside world that he found difficult to express at school. The world of my son has certainly changed since Sound Communities came into his life and I am so glad that he has had the opportunity to be a part of this fabulous organisation. Thanks to sound communities, I know my son will go out into the big old world and will be JUST FINE!!” – Bens Mum 2022