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Ocean Digital

A youth-led digital content creation and marketing agency


Ocean Digital is Sound Communities’ newest production arm. Beginning in 2023, it is a youthled content creation agency which has been set up to provide young people local to Torbay with opportunities to develop creative content, use their voice and work in a team to earn valuable media industry experience. Ocean Digital works with local businesses and charities across Torbay and South Devon to provide them with high quality content that is produced by young people.

As creatives, we know how hard it is to break into the creative industries. Ocean Digital offers young with the chance to get experience developing skills in photography, producing video content, writing posts/creating graphics for social media, and much, much more.

Participation in Ocean Digital also gives young people the opportunity to collaborate on real commissions with local partners and stakeholders and even get paid for their work.


Over the last year, Ocean Digital has made a flying start with paid commissions from Wide Open, Cando, Paignton Picture House and internally from Sound Communities.

Wide Open

During the summer of 2023, we had the privilege of creating some social media content for Filament’s Wide Open season of events within Paignton. The Ocean Digital team were paid for their work and involvement, in which they ‘covered’ the events with cameras and their phones, taking photos and video, and making engaging TikToks to spread the word about the various events.


Ocean Digital worked with the Universities of Plymouth and Exeter to film and produce this short film about what it’s like to live in Torbay for their ‘CANDO’ project:

Digital Stories

Ocean Digital is also working in partnership with the Paignton Picture House to create a handful of ‘Digital Stories’. These will be short videos that tell a story about Torbay.

300 Seconds

 Ocean Digital is currently being run within our weekly Creative Media Lab sessions on a Thursday evening, where the team are working alongside Ocean Youth to create marketing content for Series Two of the 300 Seconds podcast.

If you’re interested in joining Ocean Digital, please email