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Talking Turns

Working collaboratively with teachers to help children creatively express themselves about the challenges that they are currently facing.


The Talking Turns project is all about creative practitioners and teachers co-planning, practicing and learning together. The project focuses on exploring and evaluating drama and related arts techniques to embed creative, diverse ways to support children’s oracy education. 

We are thrilled to be working with DAISI and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation on this ongoing research and development project, which aims to create positive, demonstratable impact for children’s oracy through collaborative working and arts-based learning in 11 Torbay schools, where we will be supporting teachers with their digital media skills.

Supporting young people in Torbay, this brand-new partnership between local arts organisations and schools in Torbay, aims to give access to high quality Arts based learning that enhances the curriculum, improves communication skills and helps children to thrive.  

Starting in 2022 and running until June 2024, Talking Turns is a partnership project, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Arts-Based learning Fund and delivered by Daisi (Project Lead Organisation), Doorstep Arts, Sound Communities, Riviera Education Trust, and local participating partner schools. 

“The purpose of the Arts-based Learning Fund is to support work which enables pupils in formal education settings, particularly those experiencing systemic inequality or disadvantage, to thrive through engagement with high quality, arts-based learning.” (Paul Hamlyn Foundation, 2022)  

Key Aims:

  • Improve young people's oracy
  • Enhance young people's employability
  • Increase their confidence to express emotions
  • Improve young people's well-being