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Lift Radio Drama

A radio drama creating positive relationships in the bay.


We worked with Doorstep Arts and Fotonow to help our young producers device a short radio drama to show how local young voices can encourage their peers to make healthy relationships in the Bay.

“Lift” was broadcast live on Ocean Youth Radio with live sound FX (foley) made by the young people themselves. Actors from Doorstep Arts devised and performed the drama. Our producers also learnt how to create digital images and sounds to accompany the drama on social media to help reach as many young people as possible.

Key Aims:

  • Reach and engage young people to raise awareness about child sexual exploitation
  • Develop radio production skills incl. live foley sound FX
  • Develop creative media skills and explore how images can compliment/enhance listening
  • Learn about conventions of radio drama
  • Develop technical live performance skills