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Youth Loneliness Co-Research

A co-research project exploring the link between social action and youth loneliness.

Ocean Youth worked closely with The Children’s Society to develop a research methodology, conduct the research, analyse the results and then share the findings on whether there is a link between the reduction of youth loneliness and social action. We were one of 11 national projects and our findings contributed to a comprehensive study evidencing the need for more social action opportunities for young people to help to reduce youth loneliness.


Our young team developed an online and paper survey as well as focus group questions for community centre youth groups. We learnt how to use digital marketing effectively, including designing a competition, to target thousands of local young people through social media. We also conducted focus groups at several community youth groups and collated the information before producing a live FM radio show on Soundart Radio.

Key Aims:

  • Develop creativity of producers
  • Develop our researching/interviewing/consultancy skills
  • Improve our ability to use images, audio and digital marketing processes to increase audience and participation
  • Develop producers' presentation skills
  • Develop research material to share on youth loneliness and social action