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Music Up!

This two year project focuses on using creative music production and broadcasting to engage and inspire disadvantaged and “at risk” children and young people across Torbay.

Over the duration of the project, 96 young people identified as engaging with the Youth Justice Team or at risk of offending who are based in specialist educational environments are being targeted. They have an interest in music/radio and will assist in co-designing the project to tackle the issues they face. 
Participants explore and reflect on their lives using songwriting, spoken word, DJing and digital music production. They broadcast this content live online to celebrate their achievements, develop their confidence and encourage momentum during the project. Participants will also develop their aspirations, employability and digital skills. We will work alongside an adolescent mental health psychologist to explore ways of ensuring that our approach improves the young people’s resilience and mental well-being. Participants will also be encouraged to take progression pathways with Ocean Youth and part of the project will focus on work experience and employability for young people with an interest in the creative media industry. 

Key Aims:

  • Develop young people's creativity
  • Increase confidence in hard to reach young people who are at risk of offending
  • Raise future aspirations in hard to reach young people
  • Improve mental health of hard to reach young people



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