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Step Up

We produced and broadcast 60 audio vignettes to support Year 6 students facing the transition to secondary school during the first Covid lockdown.

We targeted 15 Year 6 primary school students who were identified as vulnerable to help produce 60 playful, supportive and informative content vignettes to support young listeners facing the challenge of transitioning into secondary schools during the first lockdown when some schools closed for the school year in March 2020. These pieces were played out on Ocean Youth Radio, multiple community FM stations across the UK and on the national DAB children’s station, Fun Kids Radio.

This series has won a nomination for Achievement in the Community at the Young Audio Awards 2022.

Key Aims:

  • Develop sense of belonging
  • Increase confidence about transitioning to secondary school
  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop ability to express how they are feeling

"Moving up to Secondary school is normally a magical time but now it's just difficult. This project has really helped because it has given me time to think about moving on and what it means to me and my friends."



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